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As a competitive enterprise within the telecommunications industry, your company is a key player in the global marketplace’s eventual recovery from economic malaise. Growth opportunities abound, varying in nature from continent to continent. There’s the exploding pent-up demand within the emerging markets of Asia, the near-saturated wireless market of some European economies, and the challenging maturity of the North American market. Each will require a different set of strategies, and time is of the essence.

So you’re working hard to speed up time-to-market with innovative products and services that enhance connectivity and mobility. Penetrating deep into the market for broadband and 3G wireless services to drive growth. Capitalizing on the rapid convergence between voice, video, games, and entertainment. And developing exciting new ways to apply your technologies in a variety of consumer environments.

That’s a lot of demands on your time, and you’re trying hard to stay focused.

One way to focus is through a strategic partnership with Big Apple Infotech. Our industry understanding and flexible lifecycle IT solutions can help you deliver your product extensions on time and on budget. Our expertise in data warehousing, database marketing, CRM, and Internet protocol (IP) can help drive sales and expand relationships. And our presence and familiarity with talent pools in the North American, European, and Asian markets can help you extend your team’s capabilities and skills on an as-needed basis.