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About Big Apple Infotech - IT recruiters in Dallas

As an independent software vendor, your reputation is on the line with every product you release. With that at stake, a solutions provider must be confident in their ability to meet your standards for process efficiency, product quality, and documentation. In turn, you need to be equally confident in them.

Because you need more from a solutions provider than just a well-made product. You need a co-sourcing partner, one who extends your team with experts current in today's evolving technologies and processes. One with the capability to help you add features and shorten release cycles. One flexible enough to help you quickly ramp up or down as needed.

Big Apple Infotech is the confident, capable, and flexible partner you're looking for.

We can jump in at any stage of your product's development lifecycle, or deliver it end-to-end through our Turnkey Delivery model. Or for maximum communication and control, employ our Virtual Extension Model, in which our offshore resources work seamlessly with your team. Either way, you'll gain a collaborative partner who can help you bring your products to market swiftly and economically.