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About Big Apple Infotech - IT recruiters in Dallas

You know a lot about managing risk. You know that the most effective way to hedge against the risk of loss is to gather, process, and disseminate more and better information. Information efficiently used can result in policies more effectively marketed, priced, and generated.

That’s why your information systems need to be secure and up-to-date, accessible by your team with maximum flexibility. Big Apple Infotech can help. For example, we can make it easy for your agents to retrieve information from your centralized systems, in the office or in the field. Or, we can improve the way claims information from distributed processing centers is captured and accessed. Solving problems for leading insurance companies, we have a keen understanding of the industry’s business practices and concerns.

Our capabilities includes but not limited to following examples of our added-value service delivery:

Application development: Eliminating disruptions in a lead generation system, we created an application that generates proprietary market intelligence to enhance database marketing efforts. Our client enjoyed greater marketing efficiency and effectiveness, along with improved cost savings and ROI.

Application development and extension: Helping to build a networked portal through which agents could process applications and write policies, we improved service delivery and agent satisfaction by producing a version of the application that could be loaded onto agent's laptops.

System stabilization: Stabilizing an underwriting program that was disrupted up to 30 times per day, we introduced processes and tools for build, revision control, and testing – using open source tools to stay within budget. The client now reports less than two defects per month.