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About Big Apple Infotech - IT recruiters in Dallas

As the go-to person in charge of IT for a healthcare company, you have a full plate these days. Everyone wants to know what you’re doing to help make electronic health records a reality. They also want you to enhance organizational collaboration, maintain regulatory compliance, lower healthcare costs, and improve the quality of patient care. Oh, and be sure to get enough sleep and exercise while you’re at it.

Big Apple Infotech is here to lend a hand. Through years of successful engagements, we have facilitated healthcare service delivery while improving the deployment and use of:

  • Certified electronic health records
  • Clinical information systems
  • Co-morbidity management systems
  • Disease management systems
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Health risk assessments
  • Healthcare utilization tracking
  • Lifestyle management programs
  • Pharmacy data
  • Revenue management tools

Examples of our capabilities include:

Application development: A healthcare service provider needed help consolidating patient data from a variety of disparate sources. Through our database architecture Center of Excellence, Big Apple Infotech built an application to extract, transform, and convert it into a standard format, uploading it into a health management program that facilitated cost-effective service delivery.

Legacy migration: Clinical telemonitoring services for pregnant women with severe health problems were greatly improved when Big Apple Infotech migrated an outdated legacy system to a contemporary Microsoft platform. This minimized data corruption problems; maximized centralization and operational efficiency; and enhanced backup procedures. Our client was able to significantly reduce costs and expand their service offerings.